Randy Emmanuel Castillo

Randy Emmanuel Castillo’s work focuses on creating a framework to dialogue with our past and future selves, and in doing so, take control of our personal narratives. His work is born from his experiences growing up in both the Dominican Republic and the United States. In representing his upbringing, he seeks to celebrate the self-expansion that comes from calling two countries home, while mourning the loss of ever feeling whole in one place. He achieves this representation through inserting himself as the figure in his paintings; but Castillo does not let his depiction of his memories be contained by one body. Oftentimes, his portraits involve multiple iterations of his figure, allowing him to engage his varying experiences in one finite moment— a complexity, and completeness, that the singularity of one body in a self-portrait does not allow. In revisiting his past and choosing how to represent it, he reclaims power over times when he felt powerless, and fosters connection to times when he felt disconnected. He uses his work to dialogue with his memory, literally reshape his history, and project his hopes for his future. 


Randy Emmanuel Castillo earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Drawing from the Pratt Institute in 2020. There, he received an Excellence in Academic Achievement award and a Gelman Scholarship. Castillo earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work at Skidmore College where he minored in Studio Art. His work was shown three times at Pratt Institute and twice at Skidmore College. Notably, his work was selected for a solo show at Skidmore College and a group show at the Of Colors Creative Collective. Castillo has put down his paintbrush to obtain a Creative Art Therapy Master's Degree and License. 

- Morgan Lavoie