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Randy Emmanuel Castillo

Randy Emmanuel Castillo is a storyteller, who values harmony. His artwork honors the past and asserts affirmations for the future.  Castillo believes that feelings and needs transcend time, space, and differences. A strong emotion or desire  becomes the core of each piece he makes. Colors, patterns, and shapes often repeat between each work. The figures interact like characters in a story, and navigate scenes that travel from memory to present settings to foresight. 


Randy Emmanuel Castillo earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting and Drawing from the Pratt Institute in 2020. There, he received an Excellence in Academic Achievement award and a Gelman Scholarship. Castillo earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work at Skidmore College where he minored in Studio Art. He often draws on his Social Work experience for his artwork. For example, Castillo's most recent series, A Peaceful Encounter, aims to create peace through consideration of our shared needs. His work was shown three times at Pratt Institute and twice at Skidmore College. Notably, his work was selected for a solo show at Skidmore College and a group show at the Of Colors Creative Collective. Castillo has put down his paintbrush to obtain a Creative Art Therapy Master's Degree and License. 

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